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Our Online Mango shop sells different types of mango fruit in Bangladesh at a low price.

Bangladeshi Fresh Mango

About Our Mango Shop

Mango is a summer Fruit. We collect fresh organic mangoes from various districts of Bangladesh and supply it to our customers. If you are interested pls, order now or call us on our mobile number. Our mobile number is 01768442200.

Bangladeshi Mango

It is a fleshy fruit. Mango is generally very sweet and tasty. Mangoes grow all over Bangladesh. The mangoes of Rajshahi, Chapainababgang, Satkhira, Dinajpur, and Rangpur are famous. Production of ripening mango starts from the month of May.

Mango Types

There are a hundred categories of mango fruits in Bangladesh. Among them Langra and Fazli are popular. Mango has many varieties. Here is some name list of mangoes.

BARI Aam-1
Gobindo Vhog
Ghulb Kash
Gopal Bhog

রাজশাহী জেলা প্রশাসনের সিদ্ধান্ত অনুযায়ী আম পাকবে:

গোপালভোগ আম ২০ মে
রাণীপছন্দ ও লক্ষ্মা বা লক্ষ্মণভোগ ২৫ মে
হিমসাগর আম বা ক্ষীরসাপাত ২৮ মে
ল্যাংড়া আম ৬ জুন
আম্রপালি,  সুরমা ফজলি ১৬ জুন
ফজলি আম ১৬ জুন
আশ্বিনা আম ১ জুলাই
হাড়িভাঙ্গা আম

Fazli, Lengra, Gopalbhog, and Khisrapat are the premier quality best mango. These may consider as God food.

About Mango

Binomial Name is Mangifera Indica. It comes to form Anacardiaceae Family. English name ManBangla name is Amm ( আম ).Harvesting time is June to September.

Bangladeshi Fresh Amm


The mango is popular for its unique flavor, sweet, fragrance, and texture. In the summer season, every house eats the mango. Because it's the cheapper price. So it has a wide demand in the market and is commercially important.
In Bangladesh, Customer order Mango to minimum 20-25 kg at a time. It will cost near about Tk1000 to Tk1500.

Rajshahi Mango

The main mango growing region in Bangladesh is Rajshahi division. For this reason, Rajshahi mango is a famous word.
Districts around this division, Chapainawabganj, Naogaon, Natore are popular for mango production. They have acres of land of mango garden.

Buy Mangoes Online

We collect the fresh mango from the garden from Rajshahi and supply it to our customers. Minimum order will be 20kg. We will deliver it within 4 working days.

Working Area

We supply our products all metropolitan cities in Bangladesh. They are Dhaka, Khulna, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Barisal, Comilla, and Rangpur.


Pay us through bKash, VISA or master card. We receive payment cash in Dhaka city! Some of the products need advence payment before purchase.


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